We all know that many couples will spend their time selecting the perfect engagement ring, but what about the man’s wedding band? There are so many styles to choose from that can uniquely capture the individual, so choosing the wedding band should be seen as fun and engaging as selecting the engagement ring! At Martin Jewelry, we have a wide selection to choose from and would be honored to be a part of this process with you. Here are some design elements to consider before you buy:

What To Consider When Choosing A Men’s Wedding Band


There are several different styles of wedding bands available- from a more classic look to a one that is more modern or jazzy.  

  • Half round bands- these bands are more traditional and have a soft rounding at the edge that is comfortable and light. 
  • Flat bands- also a traditional-style band but with a flat edge instead of a rounded one. These types of bands can also come with different finishes like a satin or hammer finish.  
  • Ornate design- some of our styles will have different edges or can include design on the band. An option would be to include one or more diamonds. 


From traditional metals to new alternatives like wood and silicone, there are several materials to choose from that can fit your lifestyle. 

  • Platinum or palladium- these are popular metals because of their durability. They are a white/silver metal, which also provides a sophisticated look.  
  • White or yellow gold- also very popular because of durability and the soft glow the colors provide. Some rings can be designed as a two-tone gold ring. Gold allows for more variety of finishes as well. 
  • Sterling silver- this can be considered a more affordable option and is a strong metal that can withstand an active lifestyle. 
  • Wood or silicone- these are alternative options that are particularly popular with those looking for a more modern look or who may have active lifestyles or jobs where the ring can’t be taken off.  
  • Black Wedding Band– these types of bands can be made in a variety of materials so that you can get the look and durability you are looking for.

Lastly, take in consideration that some ring materials will be easier to resize than others.


The width of the band is an important consideration, which is the thickness. This is normally measured in millimeters (4mm, 6 mm, 8 mm etc.). The size of your fingers and hands will help determine which width may look and feel best. 

We carry a wide selection of men’s wedding bands at Martin Jewelry. Contact us today to learn more.