Martin Jewelry History

Our History

1st Generation Martin Jewelry family

1st Generation Martin Jewelry

 Martin Jewelry founded in 1980  by Darell and Pat Martin with a passion to provide exceptional customer service experiences that were easy, fast and reliable to the jewelry & gifts customers and serve the community as a day to day purpose. Everyday our diamond experts, bench jewelers, watch makers and technology experts strive to make our customers the top priority to best serve them and advance the retail jewelry industry while out performing the larger traditional jewelry shopping stores. 

2nd Generation Martin Jewelry

In 1991 son Bradley Martin graduated from Gemology/stone setting school and carried on the core foundations of customer service driven commitment with a vision of being the leader in custom design and diamond/gemstone consulting in a non traditional format using private consultations using the internet and smaller office settings. Deliver a far more personalized experience, in a far more relaxed and enjoyable environment than any department store jeweler could possibly offer. And show my clients obviously better diamonds at clearly better prices.


  1. By using the “PRIVATE JEWELER” model, my much lower overhead equals your bigger diamond!
  2. By direct-sourcing, and hand-picking every diamond we sell.

With this approach we are outshining every other retail store jeweler, and even surpassing the online jewelers: they just can’t compete with the quality and the prices we offer at Martin Jewelry.

We’re very proud of our diamonds, our service and our business model. whether showing off diamonds, customizing your engagement ring or showing you the perfect gift, we are happy to be YOUR private jeweler.

3rd Generation Martin jewelry 

 Kendall Martin now  brings the vision of the future to Martin Jewelry of a regional pioneer to online jewelry shopping offering digital inventory, consulting and computer aided design technology that offers the most cutting edge jewelry design programs. Offering access to more than 200,000 products, next-day delivery, and all the services a jewelry customer may be looking for all while having the peace of mind of working with a locally owned, family owned trusted name to purchase their Jewelry with.

Martin Jewelry now offers four physical locations and three generations of jewelry professionals in Nebraska Nebraska City, Omaha, Bellevue & Offutt Airforce base exchange. While we continue to evolve, we’ve maintained our superb customer service by keeping sight of our main focus: Customers!!

We are Martin Jewelry and we are working for our customers!